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6.22.11 – Happy plants! (Posted 6.23)

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 June 2011


After an inch-plus of rain...

I took this photo yesterday as I walked around the garden. You see, at about one o’clock yesterday morning, we were graced with the first rainfall we’ve had since early May. Central Texas is undergoing another severe drought, and so it was with joy that I watched the radar light up with lots and lots of rain. And it was with joy that I went to bed with the sounds of rain falling on our roof and thunder rumbling in the clouds. It was quite glorious.

When I arose at about six o’clock yesterday morning to let Max out, the rain had just ended. The ground smelled happy and refreshed. The trees and plants looked happy and lush. Our yellowing grass was greener, the flowers were brighter, and Max came back soaked from his roaming around. After so many days of 100+ degree temperatures, it was such a relief for Creation to have this little renewal.

One interesting thing about Facebook, to me, anyway, is how geographically diverse my friends list is.  Every time one of my local friends mentions the drought, a friend from another part of the country helpfully offers to send us their extra rain. And yesterday, while all my Central Texas friends were celebrating the arrival of a good rain, my friends from other parts of the country were bemoaning the floodwaters near them, or the fact that some event had just been rained out.

It is good to have these reminders and to be taken outside of my own sphere of rejoicing for a time – taken outside to remember that for some, rainfall is currently a tremendous burden, one which is straining their local resources in a manner similar to how the drought is straining ours. And so yesterday, as I walked around the garden to take pictures of my happy plants, I remembered in prayer those who are not happy at all about their rainfall – those who are, in fact, suffering greatly because of too much rain.

I thank God for the rain we received here. And I also pray that a balance of heavenly waters will settle down upon us – more for those who are in need, and less for those who are overwhelmed.

Peace be upon your day,




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