A Piece of My Day

6.20.11 – To blog or not to blog…

Posted on: Monday, 20 June 2011


So, a quick glance at things tells us that I haven’t written lately. I should say that I haven’t written HERE lately, because I have written other things, to be certain. But for some reason, the end of February hit me and I lost my desire to write creatively.

There were lots of contributing factors to my lack of creativity, each of which has had its own level of intensity. Issues of vocation, project obstacles, and personal relationships – we’ve had these a-plenty of late in our home. And with all of these issues weighing in more and more on my time, focus, and energy, creativity has gone largely out the window. Funny how that happens.

The thing is, I think that we need creativity in order to survive. I know I do. Maybe that’s why I’ve started randomly sitting down at the piano again to work on pieces I forgot how to play long ago – working out the fingerings and melodies again has helped me get back into a creative mode. And today, I found myself sitting at my computer asking the question, “To blog or not to blog?” I decided on the former…

And so, dear readers, I am back with you! I’ve decided that blogging isn’t always convenient, but writing feeds me, and I’ve heard from some of you that my writing feeds you, too. And if I can offer wisdom to you today, it is this: find something which feeds you, and do it. Make time for it.

Peace be upon your day,



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