A Piece of My Day

2.28: Use your imagination…

Posted on: Monday, 28 February 2011

Because I didn’t get a picture taken before I lost daylight, I need for you to use your imagination today. I need you to imagine a garden which is overgrown because it wasn’t tended properly in the fall.

Imagine now the owner of the garden, looking out the window with guilt almost every day – guilt because of the work which wasn’t done in the garden in the fall – guilt because of the work which wasn’t done in the garden on warmer days in the winter – guilt because of the work which hasn’t been done in the recent spring-like temps.

Next, imagine the owner of the garden getting some motivation towards the end of a beautiful end-of-winter spring-like day, and going out to work in the garden for about an hour.  Imagine the clear blue sky, the cooling breezes, the “cruuuuunch!” of pruned plants being pushed into the yard waste bin.

Then, imagine joy – joy at finding new shoots sprouting up under old, dried up plants. Joy at discovering that even though she hasn’t cared for her bit of earth too much over the past few months, the earth has cared for its own. Joy at realizing that in spite of her lack of knowledge about every plant in the garden, the plants to a certain degree have tended themselves – wanting life – yearning for it so badly that they sent up new life through a pile of dead leaves over two inches thick. New life!

This little journey of imagination was my journey today as I finally worked outside. I finally pruned some plants. I finally whacked at an overgrown vine and yanked up some weeds. I finally tore up the dead and exposed the living, giving thanks that the lilies of the field don’t toil or spin and yet somehow they emerge – clothed in their beauty.

I give thanks for this work today. I give thanks because it was a reminder of the newness of life which is found after the old has passed away.

Peace be upon your night,



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