A Piece of My Day

2.2: Therefore, choose life…

Posted on: Thursday, 3 February 2011

Oh, this week. This week just keeps coming at me. Nothing catastrophic, really. But it just keeps coming.

Our fences blew down. OK. If they were only our fences, this would not be a big deal. Or if the fences which had blown down were shared with reasonable people, it would be an easier deal. But not all the people with whom we’re dealing are reasonable, and in fact, one of them was very rude and condescending to us today. So, my friendliness and willingness to work to resolve this problem was met with the opposite spirit entirely.

It is frustrating, this sharing of the world with people who choose to be rude. It is frustrating because I work pretty hard not to be rude to others myself. It is frustrating because rudeness – to me – is so unnecessary. And yet, there are some who – for whatever reason – choose rudeness. They choose to be hurtful or downright mean to others.

Question: Where is the life in that?

Answer: Lacking.

And so, Rude Ones of the Universe – here is what I am going to do…

I am going to choose life.

You choose rudeness – you choose to suck the life out of life for yourself and others. You choose to treat others poorly. You choose not to listen to others. You choose to live a life with hardly any compassion for others. You may not be physically dead, but your actions can be soul-killing.

Therefore, I choose life.

God sets before us life and death, blessings and curses (Deut 30). And in the face of your behavior, I will continue to choose life because it is what God bids us to do – but also because in choosing life, we have so much more to offer to others…

And that’s what I think about that.

Peace – and life! – be upon your night,



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