A Piece of My Day

2.1: Frick!

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 February 2011

So, yesterday…do you remember the blissfulness with which I wrote about the weather? Such joy. Such great pleasure.

And…that all changed, beginning at about 3:30 this morning (ugh).

I was awakened by some loud noise. Not sure of what it was, I was instantly alert and aware that the wind outside was roaring. Not just blowing – roaring. I got up and began looking out windows as I heard things blowing around outside. “What didn’t I secure?” I thought.

Unfortunately, no amount of securing our belongings would’ve helped with the damage we sustained. The (cheap) builders in our neighborhood used cheap products and labor to put in these fences, and so now – five-and-some years later – the posts are rotting and the fences are losing structural integrity. We get a windstorm – and this is the result. We get a windstorm with 70mph gusts like last night – and lots of us get this result all over our yards.

And so at 3:30am, our neighbor right next door had a section banging against a window, so I threw on a coat and some shoes and went out to pull down that section to keep it from damaging his home. The cold rain had started by this time, so with the wind, I came back in soaked and ready for some dry pj’s. I was glad to have my flannel pj’s at the ready!

When we woke up a few hours later, the picture above was part of what we found. Several sections of fence – completely down. And others – flapping in the wind. And others – creaking with purpose. And so, today, I spent much of the day indoors on the phone and outdoors talking with neighbors and surveying the damage. Fence guys in town are swamped. And so, for now, we wait.

I’m typing this inside tonight, bundled up in my warmest pj’s, in a robe, in a blanket. The north wind continues to roar and our bedroom, on the north side of the house, will get the brunt all night long. My Texas house isn’t sealed for these north winds (with wind chills in the single digits), and so tonight, we will be bundling up more than usual to fight off the draftiness of our windows.

I am pondering tonight, too, those who have no warm homes to huddle in, and those who don’t have warm blankets, warm meals, or warm companionship tonight. May God bless them, and may God continually move us to help care for them.

Peace – and warmth – be upon your night,



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