A Piece of My Day

1.16: Mango roll?

Posted on: Sunday, 16 January 2011


I have written before about one of our favorite places to eat – a local restaurant called Ka-Prow. We headed over there this evening for a “light meal” – a little soup for Hubby S and a bit of sushi for me. We were greeted heartily by Chef O, holding court at the sushi counter, and his waitstaff, buzzing around the tables. Again, the comfortable feeling of being welcomed into someone’s home. Again, the familiar chairs, tables, food, drink.

As we ate our soup, Chef O came over to greet us and to inquire about my food allergies. He then pronounced that he was testing a new dish which he wanted us to try – exciting for us, since the last time we tested dishes for him, the result was the delicious Mango Roll which is like heaven on a plate. So, off he went to the kitchen, to cook up a plate of deliciousness for us to try.

And deliciousness it was! Shrimp, coconut sauce, noodles – he said he wanted to put it on his menu but hadn’t thought of a name for it yet. We tried to think up something – and the best I could come up with was “Yummy Seafood Noodles,” which I admitted sounded like something a four year old might call it. But, yummy it was – and I felt as though we were being welcomed into part of his creative process as a chef and restaurant owner.

So, after soup and Yummy Seafood Noodles came edamame and sushi, and all of a sudden, our “light dinner” had developed into some sort of four course meal! Delicious – you bet! But as we neared the end, I found myself musing out loud if they could prepare a half order of my heaven on a plate, the Mango Roll. Hubby S laughed. He then wisely said that if I had to ask about a half order, we probably had eaten enough.


Enter our waiter. He came over to clear some plates and looked right at me and said, “So, you want an order of the Mango Roll?”

I looked up at him and said, “Yes…(sigh)…but I think we’re going to pass for tonight.” As he took our card to take care of the check, he grinned, and said, “OK, when I come back I’ll tell you a story.” And we were left to look quizzically at each other for a moment.

He returned and said, “We already put in the order for your Mango Roll, and so now he’ll have to eat it – but that’s OK, I’ll help him!” And he was grinning from ear to ear.


Hubby S’s response to me: “I guess we’re predictable.” (And that’s OK with me.)

Peace be upon your night,




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