A Piece of My Day

1.11: Such a winter’s day…

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Today, I headed out to the trash barrels, which takes me on a path under the Drake elm tree in this photo and past a good portion of our garden. It’s been a cold and blustery day here – so the weather and landscape match perfectly – and in my short time outside, I got the words from “California Dreamin'” in my head. All the leaves are, in fact, brown, and at least part of the sky is grey…etc.

The weather matches the post-Christmas mood I’m in, too. Yesterday, I hauled out our bare Christmas tree – another beauty now crunchy, and lying on its side by the trash barrels. Tomorrow, we will put it by the curb and the city will collect it for their mulching program. Bye, bye, Tree. I feel like I hardly knew ya.

In spite of the lack of Christmas decor which we have in our home after Christmas ends, I always leave out our “winter” decor for our weird Central Texas winters. These little bits of winter cheeriness help ease the post-Christmas blues in a silly kind of way. I have also left out our nativity scenes with their kings included. Epiphany was January 6th, but the season lasts a while yet, and so I have decided – especially given the dark events of the weekend – to leave out some reminders of the one, true Light which has come into the world.

And so, on such a winter’s day as this, our fire place is on, our snow village is glowing, and the baby Jesus is still nestled in His manger with care. Good thing, too, since one of our local meteorologists just said that tonight might be the coldest night of the year here.

Peace – and warmth – be upon your evening,




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