A Piece of My Day

1.3: Time away

Posted on: Monday, 3 January 2011

We are still out of town visiting family and so our daily schedule is quite different than usual. We are staying up later and sleeping in later. We are borrowing cars from family members to get around, which involves a certain amount of choreography at times. Laundry is different. The kitchen is different. The restaurants serve different food, so we are soaking up as much local fare as we can. And the differences go on and on.

Whenever we travel, we face differences from our regular lives, and that’s part of why we travel. We travel because our regular lives don’t involve time with family on a daily basis, or eating really good clam chowdah, or seeing snowbanks piled up everywhere. We travel because we want to welcome these things back into our lives for a time.

As great as traveling is, I find that I have to seek out time away from hubbub – and that I have to be vigilant about seeking that time. When I travel, that quiet time is rarely handed to me, and so I must seek it out and claim it for myself, and if I don’t – God help me.

Today, I reached the tipping point of needing some time away. Because we’ve been so busy, and because I genuinely enjoy spending time with our family, I hadn’t sought out enough quiet time. And so, this afternoon, I carved out some time, went upstairs to our guest room, and did some reading.

I emerged from the room about an hour later, a new person.

I’ve read a lot of articles through the years about how people don’t take care of themselves on vacation. Most often, the articles focus on what we eat or how we don’t exercise when we travel. But I want to say that we have to take care of our souls when we travel, too. Now, caring for our souls is hard enough when we are at home, but at least at our homes, we have the benefit of our own schedule. Caring for our souls when we travel takes more effort, it seems. But the joys of traveling can be depleted when our souls are depleted, and where’s the fun in that? 

Here’s to soul care!

Peace be upon your night,



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