A Piece of My Day

1.2: A Project

Posted on: Sunday, 2 January 2011


My mother-in-law has taken up felting as a hobby, and since I’m a sucker for things which are a) handmade and b) cute, I asked her to give me some lessons. The snowman on the left is her creation – a gift, made for me to add to my snowperson collection. The snowlady on the right is my student project (not done yet).

Felting is interesting, and I think I like it. You start with this glob of wool and stab it over and over with a special barbed needle. Somehow, as you keep working the wool, you can form shapes, and so out of this chaotic mass comes a shape which makes sense…you might even say it looks like something!

There is something beautiful to me about creating something out of a chaotic mess. It reminds me of when I was studying and playing piano in college. I’d work on a Bach invention or a Beethoven sonata and there would be a mess of notes, until – finally – one day, my fingers would fall into the notes properly, and actual music was the result.

The creative process is good for us. It’s a form of expression, of course, but more than that, being creative can lead us to overcome obstacles. In creating, we learn.

Peace – and creativity – be upon your night,


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