A Piece of My Day

1.1 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted on: Saturday, 1 January 2011


I’m back! (Again…)

It’s still Christmas, in spite of the fact that people everywhere are taking down their Christmas decorations. My in-laws, whom we are visiting, still have their tree up (pictured), which makes me happy. There is something about easing out of Christmas which makes me realize that the birth of Christ stays with us for longer than one day each year.

It’s also the New Year, and while I’m not big on making resolutions for myself, there is something about going into a new year which does draw me to think about this question: I wonder what this new year will bring.

So much of it will be unplanned – unpredictable, even. So much of it will just happen.

Some of it will be planned – predictable, even. Some of it I will be able to control and manipulate to a certain degree.

Either way, we can go into 2011 knowing that the birth of Christ is with us. And because the birth of Christ is the birth of God-with-us (= Immanuel), we can go through our days and weeks and months and years with the joy, comfort, and confidence that God is with us – in what is unpredictable and in what we know is going to happen.

My in-laws have a magnet on their fridge which I bought for my husband when he was living up here and I was moving to Texas – back when we were engaged, and being separated from him seemed to be the hardest thing I would ever face (it wasn’t). The magnet reads: “Do not fear the future – God is already there.”

I bought the same magnet for myself so that in each of our homes, we could each be reminded of the presence of God in whatever it was which we would face in the months of separation before our marriage. Months later, right before Hubby S and I married, I noticed that the magnet was still on his parents’ fridge. I remember asking him if he was bringing the magnet with him to Texas. He looked at me quizzically, knowing that I had the same magnet on my fridge, which was soon to be our fridge. There was such relief for me in that moment – knowing that soon, the future (us living in the same state and under the same roof) would be the present.

God-born-in-the-manger – whose birth we continue to celebrate – is also God-with-us. Yesterday. Today. Always.

Thanks be to God!

Peace – and the loving presence of God – be upon your night,



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