A Piece of My Day

We left on a jet plane…

Posted on: Sunday, 12 December 2010


Frosty pane...

‘Tis been a while…

‘Tis been one of those weeks…not bad, just full, busy, rich, overwhelming at times, etc.

Last Friday, Hubby S and I went to the ordination service of a dear friend who was being ordained here in town. She had asked me to be a presenter and to chant the psalm, both of which I did with joy and humbleness. Joy, because this dear friend has begun another part of her journey to becoming a priest. Humbleness, because, at one point, I looked at the presenters sitting next to me and realized that I was sitting with her boyfriend and her mother – and that I had been asked to participate as a family member, of sorts.

When you live far from biological family, as Hubby S and I do, your friends become family. This particular friend has commented before on how she has felt “adopted” by Hubby S and me, but on Friday, I was the one who felt grafted into her family. For me, it was another reason to celebrate on that particular day.

And so we left our newly-ordained friend to go directly to the airport, board a plane, and fly to Florida for yet another ordination service the next day. On Saturday, I presented my uncle for ordination and, with my aunt, participated in the ritual of vesting him with his stole. There was, for me, more joy, and more humbleness. Joy, because my uncle has a serving heart, and so serving as a deacon is a beautiful vocation for him. Humbleness, because I was there to present him, but also to offer words of advice before the service, tears during the service, and congratulatory hugs and kisses after the service.

We may live far geographically from my uncle and aunt, but we were welcomed into their home with my favorite meal (my aunt’s lasagna)…and I didn’t even have to ask for it. My aunt knew that in making that meal for me, she was extending not just hospitality, but love and familiarity which come along with being family.

And so, in experiencing all this joy and receiving so much love, it was a full and rich and overwhelming weekend.

For me, it is a truly beautiful thing to see people I love arriving someplace along their vocational journey. These arrivals are beautiful – and yet they can also be overwhelming in their beauty because there is fullness of joy, fulfillment of hope, and depth of love which accompanies us as we arrive at these stops along our way.

Peace be upon your night,





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