A Piece of My Day

Good morning!

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I thank You, that You have graciously kept me this night...

So, today’s photo is the other side of yesterday’s coin. This beautiful sunrise greeted me this morning, and so I crept out onto the front porch in my PJ’s to take a photo in the cold morning air.

I am less of a morning person that I am a night person. I can function in the morning, but my preference is to stay up late. This morning, I was meeting a friend for breakfast before an appointment, and thus had not had my coffee yet when I left the house. I decided to put in a CD of Advent/Christmas choral music, and I skipped the songs which were either too perky or too mellow. On this particular CD, there is a gorgeous rendition of the hymn, “Silent Night,” and, since I had this photo freshly in my mind, I was particularly struck by the simple phrase: “…with the dawn of redeeming grace.”

Dawn is, of course, the other side of evening. The sun greets us on the other side of our earth each morning, and so, each morning, we begin anew. And redeeming grace is much the same way. Redeeming grace pulls us from our darkness to assure us that the love of God covers us with its light. Redeeming grace melts away the coldness which has settled into our hearts.

The prayer out of this phrase, then, becomes: “O God, I am dwelling in the cold darkness; may I see – and be warmed by – Your great light.”

Peace be upon your night,




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