A Piece of My Day

Snuggles needed…

Posted on: Saturday, 4 December 2010


I am snuggled up with this blanket which my mom crocheted for me. I am snuggled up with this blanket because I have a swollen ankle propped up and I’m in pain. My ankle is swollen and painful because a big piece of plywood slid into my ankle bone.

Hubby S and I were working on a project, and today we were manuevering this piece of plywood down some stairs. I pulled, it slipped, and BAMMO! Yowza.

I hobbled to my car, and drove home, and I could feel my sock getting tighter as I drove. Somehow, I showered and then I  collapsed on the bed. But not before grabbing this blanket, just so I could have an extra layer of comfort.

It’s a lumpy blanket, kinda a weird shape and not very big. But whenever I use it, I feel better – at least a bit.

Peace be upon your evening!


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