A Piece of My Day

Get Out There!

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Go, Max, go!

It’s a gorgeous Central Texas fall day out there, and so Max and I just went for a little walk around the neighborhood. Max is eleven years old now (!) and still full of vim and vigor, and, as a mini schnauzer he needs lots of activity. Part of why we did this today is because yesterday, I ran into a neighbor whose older dog is having lots of back problems and pain. It was so sad to see. And while I know that Max is getting older (as we all are), I know that getting him out there to walk at this point is only a good thing for him.

And, oh, by the way, it’s a good thing for me, too. Besides the exercise (which is important), to me, it is also beneficial to be out in the elements – whatever they may be – even if just for a short time. In our suburban neighborhood, we – sadly – don’t have much to walk to, so when we walk, it’s just that – walking. Getting outside is important, though, and so I’ve taken to going out with Max in the backyard for a while (even if just a few minutes). Sometimes, I go at night, when it’s quiet and I can look at the moon and stars. Sometimes, I go out during the day, and get a few things done out there. Either way, being out in whatever elements there are (drizzle, sun, clouds,  cold, etc.) helps my soul somehow.

Back to our walk today…

Max and I used to walk together all the time. When you live in an apartment, you are always walking your dog, since there is no convenient yard in which he can just run around (and take care of business). There were plenty of times when walking Max was a hassle – like if I was running late and he wanted to sniff every last leaf and rock, for instance, or if it was raining, or 110 degrees out. To have the leisure now simply to walk him is really quite a joy.

When Hubby S and I bought this house, we bought into a neighborhood. One of the things I have always liked about this particular neighborhood is that there are often lots of people out and about, walking with their kids or dogs or cell phones (yes, really). I like that people get out there, and today, I was glad to be one of them.

Here’s to more walks, and more time out there!

Peace be upon your day,



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