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A Piece of Wednesday, 24 November 2010…

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Two generations, prepared by a third.

Thanksgiving prep began in earnest today. As always, I wish I had more done, but I’ve run out of steam and so these two things will have to do for now.

On the left…Granny’s sweet potato casserole (unbaked). I’m not usually a sweet potato casserole fan – especially the ones with marshmallows. But the selling point for me on trying this one (besides, of course, that it’s my Granny’s!) was that there were no marshmallows at all….that topping you see? More like streusel…those lumps you see? That’s butter, baby.

On the right…Mom’s cranberry sauce. Easy-peasy…cranberries, water, sugar, orange zest, orange juice. Boil, let sit, chill. Yummy!

I’m so happy to have these two recipes from these two dear women…two generations, prepared by a third.

Today, as the smell of oranges wafted up from the boiling cranberries, I was reminded of my loving mother once again, as I am every year when that same smell wafts up from the saucepan. I miss her – much more over the holidays. But I am glad to have her recipes in my own collection, some of which are written in her own handwriting. And I can still remember the phone call wherein she dictated this cranberry recipe when I was trying to get ready for my first Thanksgiving hosting duties.

I can tell you tonight that I will not be posting tomorrow, so to all of you – have a blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family, friends, strangers – with whomever you may find yourself. Travel safely, take lots of deep breaths, and above all, remember to give thanks.

Peace be upon your night and your day,



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