A Piece of My Day

No photo. But, a Piece of Tuesday, 23 November 2010…

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today was a Tuesday. What I mean is – nothing really too extraordinary happened today. I had breakfast with a friend. I went to the chiropractor. I ran (what turned out to be) a long errand. I came home. We went and got dinner (cheap Mexican tonight – at yet another small place). Now I am here, staring at my computer, with no photo taken and no inspiring thoughts hitting me between the eyes.

What to do?

Here I am, photo-less, writing anyway.

Some days are like this, aren’t they? Not fantastic days, not hellish days. Just days. And, for me anyway, it can be hard to feel or find inspiration on days like this.

So, here are some pinpoints of light from today…maybe not fantastically inspirational, but I’ll take ’em:

– My friend (the breakfast buddy) was so sick last week that I took him to the doctor. Today, I give thanks that he was feeling well enough that we were able to share a meal. (I also give thanks that I was able to transport him in my car without feeling the need to sanitize the car afterward!)

– I had been having some hip pain, and my chiropractor – ever the sleuth she is – found the pain and got it worked out. All the better since I’ve got lots of cooking to stand up for over the next two days!

– I got some unresolved things resolved. Long story, but suffice to say that some loads on my mind are now residing in someone else’s hands.

– Max and I had some fun playing together. Seems simple, right? But he makes me laugh. 🙂

– Hubby S and I went to a little family restaurant which is nearby but which – for whatever reason – I never think of for dinner. (Maybe it’s because they close at 8pm and we’re often not out the door to dinner till after 7pm.) Tonight, we were trying to eat early (no lunch for me!), and so it worked out great to head over for an earlier-than-normal-for-us dinner.

– And, we were home in time to have a nice evening.

Maybe none of these are particularly inspirational, but – as I look over my list – they are all things for which I am extremely grateful. And that I have a list at all is maybe inspiration enough.

Peace be upon your night!



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