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A Piece of Monday, 22 November 2010…

Posted on: Monday, 22 November 2010


Yum! (the restaurant, not the card itself)

Tonight is Night One of I-Don’t-Really-Want-to-Cook-More-Than-I-Have-to Week. (You know, Thanksgiving is coming?) So, tonight, Hubby S and I headed out quite bravely, not knowing where we wanted to go eat, which sometimes leads to an argument as we drive around the greater Austin metro area trying to figure it out. (This arguing phenomenon happens less than it used to, which I’m going to chalk up to us learning to communicate about such things before we leave the house…but whatever. We were heading to one of our favorite little Italian places (a concession by Hubby S who wasn’t really in the mood for Italian) when I thought of – and asked about going to – Ka-Prow.

Hubby S agreed. Hooray! We had a goal!

Our history with Ka-Prow goes back from the restaurant’s beginning – in fact, we happened upon it during their first week of serving! That first time we went in – oh boy. We had about six very friendly and eager waiters, and while it was great to have friendly and eager waiters, to have six of them is a bit to manage. What we discovered, though, is that this place had great atmosphere and a wonderful chef who consistently serves delicious food.

We persevered and returned to Ka-Prow. I remember telling Steve after we left there once (during the early years) that this place was “good for my soul.” And it still is.

This has become our fallback place. We still love the atmosphere, and Chef O always has a smile for us from behind the sushi counter. He now knows us by name and personally makes sure everything is to our liking. If something’s a bit off (which is rare), he makes sure it gets fixed. Somewhere along the way, we became members (hence the card, above), which gives us 10% off. The more seasoned waitresses there know we are members and take the discount off before we even show the card, and I love the familiarity of that.

I know that lots of these little local places ares struggling right now, in spite of the “Keep Austin Weird” movement which encourages patronage of local businesses. Chef O has shared about some of his struggle to keep business strong, and so tonight (a Monday!), I was heartened to see several full tables when we arrived.

Here’s to a busy Monday night at a little local restaurant! May the busy-ness continue, that the business will thrive. These little places which feed our souls as well as our bodies – these are the places which we need to keep around us.

Peace be upon your night,



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