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A Piece of Saturday, 20 November 2010…

Posted on: Saturday, 20 November 2010


Sigh...I love Thanksgiving goodies!

Hubby S and I have hosted Thanksgiving each year we’ve been married, and we are again this year, and so I decided to go find some new Thanksgiving table setting stuff. The one good thing about the over-anxious retailers getting Christmas decor out so early, is that fall goodies go on sale before Thanksgiving arrives. The collection above is some of the things I found on sale at Pier One yesterday – things which will soon grace our Thanksgiving table. (The cute napkins I found are in the laundry…oh well.) I’m really resistant to Christmas stuff being out in stores so early…however, if they’re going to do it (and they are), I might as well take advantage of the good prices on things!

I am now in Thanksgiving Countdown Mode. Brace yourselves, folks. Thanksgiving Countdown Mode entails lots of lists and recipes and shopping. Thanksgiving Countdown Mode involves lots of planning and preparation. It is work, but the really disturbing part is that I actually kinda enjoy this work each year.

Favorite part of the job: menu planning. I’m almost done with this and I will include the menu in an upcoming post.

Least favorite part of the job: attacking the grocery store. This will be tomorrow’s Big Project (UUUUUUUGH!) so I’m sure I’ll have some interesting things to say about this experience.

More to come as things progress!

Peace – and thankfulness – be upon your day!






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