A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Thursday, 18 November 2010…

Posted on: Thursday, 18 November 2010


Stop! Hammock time!

This week has been kinda nutty. Not full, exactly, but just scheduled with a bunch of random things, with a bunch of non-scheduled random things thrown in for good measure. So, after another morning and early afternoon of randomness, how lovely it was today to come home to beautiful fall weather. It was so lovely that I decided to change clothes and do some weeding and other things in the garden. Following that work, I plopped down in the hammock for a while.

The sky was bright, gorgeous blue. The wind moved the branches of the tree just a little. Max wandered around, sniffing the air and the plants and the fence. And I took it all in with gratefulness and peace.

(I also happened to have my phone with me so I could take a photo…how handy!)

I didn’t stay in the hammock long. At this time of year, this side of the house gets chilly quickly as the sun gets around on the other side of the house. I myself was OK for a few minutes but at one point, Max was about to shiver out of his skin. So, inside we went.

Those few minutes of quiet did so much good for my spirit. In the midst of a nutty week, hammock time really should be required.

Peace – and a few minutes of quiet – be upon your days,



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