A Piece of My Day

A (non-photogenic) Piece of Monday, 15 November 2010…

Posted on: Monday, 15 November 2010

Today was one of those days upon which I didn’t take a picture. I just…didn’t.

Today was a draining day – not because of any activity which was performed or task which was accomplished, but because I spent much of the day offering moral support to some friends. These friends have spent some time now helping someone in need, and for this they are to be greatly commended. They have invested pieces of themselves into another person – which, really, is what happens whenever we help another person or creature – which is why when we feel our help has gone nowhere, we can find ourselves flailing about, without understanding or peace.

In this case, the person in need ended up rejecting all help, and so my friends have recently made difficult decisions to claim life back for themselves – no longer allowing themselves to be affected by this person’s vortexes of co-dependence, passive aggression, and neediness. Today was the day upon which their decisions played themselves out.

In these types of circumstances, it really is a quite brave thing to do – to pull back from the brink of a familiar – albeit ridiculous – series of vortexes. Pulling away from the brink is brave because the familiar may be where we prefer to dwell. The saying, “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know” comes to mind.

Sometimes we think that diving over the brink is the braver act. Heroic, even. But sometimes, pulling away from the brink and walking the opposite direction is not only the bravest choice, but the best choice. Sometimes, pulling away from the brink and walking the opposite direction is not only the best choice, but the only choice one can make in order to live a life which is healthy and faithful. It may seem as though we are abandoning a purpose, but if the purpose no longer makes sense – through no fault of your own – then maybe abandoning the purpose is OK. Or more than OK, even.

And so – with what are we left? We have walked away – we have begun to move in the opposite direction – with what are we left? Where is the grace? Where is the peace?

I think that – for now, anyway – the grace and peace are found in that turning – in those decisions – in that choice to walk away. And as we walk, there will be other graces and more peace which will find us…they will find us.

Grace and peace be upon your night,




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