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A Piece of Saturday, 13 November 2010…

Posted on: Saturday, 13 November 2010



This isn’t quite the wimpiest type of fireplace out there – it’s not one of those where you flip a switch to turn on the fire. If we’re going to rank such things, this is the next step up that ladder – you insert the long key thingie into the wall and turn it, all while holding a lit candle lighter over the fake rocks at the bottom of the fake logs – all while holding your breath that your house, dog, and person don’t explode in a big, blue ball of gas-induced flames.

At least, that’s been my experience.

I will say that the fear of the explosion has lessened somewhat since when we moved into this house. I’m much less likely now to ask Hubby S to light the thing for me, which is what I did for about the first three years we lived here. Something about his expertise about All Things House made me feel more secure about him lighting the fireplace. So, we’ll chalk it up to growth – I guess – when I finally had to suck it up and light the thing myself, mainly because there were times when I wanted a fire and had no handy husband around to light it.

Such it was this morning.

Some background…

Yesterday was one of those weird Central Texas days upon which we were running the air conditioner in the morning, and by nightfall had turned on the heat. Yes, really. Most of the day was warm and humid and around dusk, the winds blew in hard and strong and from the north, bringing a Blue Norther with them. I will interject here that I love – LOVE! – Blue Northers. There is something so incredible to me about the phenomenon of having a high of 85 degrees, followed just an hour later by a chilly, blustery mid-50’s reading (and sometimes, the temperature plummets even more).

So, to this morning…

Hubby S is off working a side job today, so when I emerged from my lovely snuggled-under-a-quilt cocoon, I decided I really wanted this morning to be the morning we had the first fire in the fireplace this season. Last year, I got almost confident about lighting the fireplace by myself, and so it was with even more confidence that I checked and double-checked to make sure the damper was open, then got the key and lighter, then turned the key and held the lighter over the fake rocks, until…POOF!

We were in business.

And so it was that I made myself some coffee and breakfast, enjoying a nice Saturday morning…without blowing anything up.

Peace be upon your day!



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