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A Piece of Thursday, 11 November 2010…

Posted on: Thursday, 11 November 2010


Fall color!

I took the above photo through my open sunroof today as I was waiting to pull out of a driveway. This tree is about as much fall color as we’ve got down here right now. Most of our fall color comes in the form of still-blooming bougainvillea, roses, and a bunch of annuals. Most of our trees…well…they kinda have their fall colors on, but not really.

Fall color in Central Texas is more of a dulling of the usual vibrancy of our greens, and less of a vibrancy of yellows and oranges. I’ve lived in places where the color was extraordinary and eye-catching. Here, the color is more subtle and gentle – if you blink, you’ll miss it.

I’m not sure that’s all bad. I love a good drive along northern back roads during the fall as much as the next person – it’s just really quite stunningly beautiful. However, there is a beauty in our less stunning color which makes me smile, too. Part of it is the subtlety – which speaks more quietly – and part of it is that trees like the one above stand out all the more.

So, on these fall days in Central Texas, which one day call for us to run the A.C., and the next to turn on the heat – on these days, I give thanks for the subtle beauty of our fall foliage. We’re not on the Weather Channel’s map, but that’s really OK.

Peace – and subtle beauty – be upon your night!


PS – A blessed Veterans Day to those who have served. And my prayers ascend for those who serve us today.


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