A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Wednesday, 10 November 2010…

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Welcome to our linen closet.

Or, I should say, our newly-organized linen closet.

This ended up being a project of mine today, which is good, because this task has been looming on my to-do list for too long. I’ve avoided it because I knew that in order to re-organize this one closet, it would involve re-organizing at least two other spaces. Sure enough – I was right!

Actually, I launched into re-organizing the linen closet in an effort to de-crapify the guest room. In the process, it turned into a huge jigsaw puzzle of This needing to go There, and therefore That needing to go Elsewhere. And so it went.

The good thing is that each time I attack a closet, for instance, I figure out what is important enough to keep, and what I am ready to release. So, today, I decided to keep some prettier curtains and get rid of others which were more utilitarian. Gone is the formal dress I got on sale a few years back – it’s a bad color for me and is so big and poofy, it takes up way too much space (does it even fit?). Saved are the extra beginnings of a craft project I did for Christmas presents a while back. Etc.

At the end of this day of re-organizing, I not only ended up with a great linen closet, but a de-crapified guest room (now with a small tv which had been hanging out in various closets), and both a partially re-organized pantry and laundry room! Not bad.

There are more projects like this which I want to tackle, and I will. But first, I’m going to revel in today’s work for just a while.

Peace be upon your night!


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