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A Piece of Thursday, 21 October 2010…

Posted on: Thursday, 21 October 2010



This area of our yard is one of my favorites. This part of our yard backs up to some neighbors who put in a bunch of trees a few years ago. Knowing that birds like to have a sense of protection when they are at their feeders, I decided this was the perfect spot for our two feeders. Making it an even more perfect spot is the fact that we can sit in our living room and watch the birds as the flit around the feeders and chomp away on the seed.

Today, there’s a bit of a breeze every so often, which moves the trees around. When I was out there taking this photo, Max was running around near the feeders and so the little finches had taken refuge up in the trees. I love watching them in the trees when the wind blows – the trees sway and the birds hold on to the branches. Now that Max and I are back inside, the birds are back on the fence and the feeders; here and there they drop to the ground to pick up bits of seed. To me, the observer, it looks as though they are having quite a lot of fun, these little birds.

Sometimes, I will walk outside and the air will be filled with the twittering of all these little finches. I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about when this happens – all I know is that they are all chattering to each other urgently. Perhaps it has something to do with our neighbors’ indoor-outdoor cats. I often wonder if those kitties have managed to catch any of the little birds – but then I think about how many times Max has chased the cats out of “his” yard and he still hasn’t caught one yet.

These creatures in our lives are so interesting in their habits and so beautiful in their ways. Ever since I added bird feeders to our yard, I have found myself all the more grateful for the beauty of the earth and its creatures, and have found myself in wonder at these gifts from God.

May we all find the time to notice God’s gifts – whatever they may be – and to be grateful.

Peace – and thankfulness – be upon your day,



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