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A Piece of Tuesday, 19 October 2010 (the Wednesday edition)…

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Nature's work...

Yesterday, I went out front to water the plants, and I had Max with me. He had been barking, as if something was outside (though I knew nothing wasn’t), so I let him out to see for himself. After charging the cement downspout which Hubby S had put up on the porch when he mowed the lawn, Max decided it wasn’t a threat, and off he went, past these plants and into the front yard to mark the oak tree as his own. (Again.)

I watched him, and as I did, my eyes fell to this patch of earth – the little area between the front walkway and our porch. What you see in this photo is a combination of alyssum (right, with flowers) and cross vine (left, with larger leaves). All of what you see here is a direct result of nature re-seeding itself. I find this amazing.

The alyssum, you see, is the grandchild of a plant I put in the first spring we were in this house (so…2006). The original plant died long ago – it didn’t like the spot where I had put it (across the sidewalk). Before it completely died, I tried moving a few sprigs to this area, but they also died…or so I thought.

Some time passed, and the alyssum came back. From nothing visible. I mean – nothing! It came back, and it came back fuller and fuller. It has overwintered through ice storms and even our crazy Central Texas “snow,” growing better than anything else I have ever planted in this little spot. And look at it now – from a basketball-sized patch this past spring, to this veritable carpet – this plant is amazing to me.

The cross vine is another story. We put a cross vine in here because we wanted a big impact – boy howdy – did we ever get it! It grew, and grew, and grew – up the column it went, getting fuller and fuller. It would be covered in gorgeous orange-red blossoms against the dark green leaves, and everyone would comment on it.

Then, last spring, we began to realize it was turning into what we began to call the “Green Monster” (such Red Sox fans we are!). It was so huge that it affected how I got my car in and out of the garage, and the plant had nowhere good to go – maybe up and over the roof?! So, when we had the landscaping done, the cross vine got moved to another area where it could really spread out – except, instead of spreading out, it died.

Except, it kind of didn’t die. A few weeks after the original vine got moved, I began to see little sprouts coming up – little baby cross vines! I’ve pulled them out over and over – and yet they return. For the time being, I’m letting them have their way – and keeping a close watch on them, too, to make sure the Green Monster isn’t having too much of a resurrection experience!

So, here are two more examples – found in my own yard – of how Nature amazes me. There are many, many others, of course.

But beyond that, I am reminded that even when we see nothing – nothing! – occurring above the surface of the soil, there is work being done below ground, where we can’t see. There is water nourishing and growth happening, until – finally – we see the results: life!

Peace be upon your day,



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