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A Piece of Sunday, 17 October 2010…

Posted on: Sunday, 17 October 2010


Free at last!

Did you ever have one of those things to do which you were really, really, really, dreading because you knew it was going to end up being infinitely more complicated and/or difficult to complete the task once you got into it? Well, today, I’m happy to report that I tackled one of those tasks and persevered! Woo hoo!

The above photo is one of our new crepe myrtle trees. We have several – this one happens to be visible from our bedroom windows. It also happens to have planted behind it (by the fence) a passion vine. Over the last couple of months (-ish) I have noticed through our windows that the passion vine (a rather unruly thing) had begun to grow over the top of this crepe myrtle, like some great green blanket with pretty flowers on it.

When I first saw this phenomenon happening, the next time I was out there, I tried grabbing one of the passion vine tendrils off the top of the tree. “Yeah – sorry, silly lady, but I ain’t letting go that easily!” said the vine. The vine has these little tendrils which grab on and don’t want to let go – it’s crazy, to me, some of these things we find in nature.

So, the vine stayed that day. And the next. And the next. You get the idea.

So, today, Hubby S and I were outside doing yard work. We had tentative plans for some people to come over to look at some metal working projects we’re thinking of hiring them to do, and so I took this as motivation to tackle the passion vine. And tackle it I did.

I began by trimming in some obvious places – like cutting off the branches between the fence and the tree. I then went around on the front side of the tree and began pulling passion vines off the top. Like – really pulling. Like – pulling so the tree was bending towards me and snapping back when the vines gave way.

The funny thing is, the task ended up being less work than I thought it would and taking less time than I had planned.I ended up clearing off this tree and moving onto another task I was dreading – trimming back an unruly rose bush which was growing out of control (yikes – thorns!). It felt great to get not just one, but two dreaded tasks somewhat under control.

I still have to figure out a place to move this blessed vine because I really think it needs more room to spread out and grab on, but that’s a task for another day. The rose needs more trimming, but again – another day. Today, I was happy to get to a certain point with the plants, wrangle the cuttings and weeds I’d pulled into the trash barrel, and then relax in the hammock for a nice quasi-nap under a beautiful sky.

Peace be upon your evening!



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