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A Piece of Thursday, 14 October 2010…

Posted on: Thursday, 14 October 2010



I am a sucker for magazines. I don’t know why they have such a hold on me, but they do. I think it partially goes back to the days of yore, when I used to get “National Geographic” as a gift subscription from my grandparents. As a kid, to have mail arrive faithfully every month just for me was such a treat!

As a younger-than-I-am-now adult, I used to have subscriptions to various homey-type magazines. Each month, it seemed like this fresh reading material with its beautiful photos of beautiful homes arrived on just the right day – a poopy day, or a day which maybe wasn’t all that poopy, but wasn’t all that great, either. I’d mosey up to my apartment mailbox, wondering what bills lurked within, and instead, find a lovely publication filled with great ideas. I’d sprawl out across my bed and read from cover to cover and somehow, it just helped.

Fast forward to current times…

I don’t carry many subscriptions anymore. The downside of subscribing to homey-type magazines for many years is that they tend to accumulate and clutter up my own home. How many piles, baskets, cardboard magazine holders, bookshelves of magazines do I really need, anyway? To say nothing of the fact that I have This Other Person (= Hubby S) with his own magazines – well, it’s enough to make someone crazy.

Now what I do is this: when I see a magazine I want to read, I buy it. Just it. Not the entire year’s worth, but one issue. I fulfill the desire for magazine reading but I don’t have an automatic supply line into our home.

Fast forward to today…

Today has been a bit of a poopy day. There is no one reason for the poopiness – it’s just been a more melancholy day than others. I realized just how melancholy when I figured out that we were out of kleenex (thanks, allergies) and a couple of other things and actually became happy about the thought of going to the grocery store to restock our paper goods. Really? This is what we’re getting excited about these days? Well…ok…

Off I went. Shopping in the middle of the week in the middle of the day is really quite a glorious thing. By the time I got to the checkout, my mood had improved slightly. Then…I saw the magazines near the cashier. Uh oh.

Not wanting gossip magazines, I looked around for the non-gossip magazines and found them nearby. I grabbed one of my favorites, “Real Simple,” mainly because of the lovely Thanksgiving the cover promised me. I got home, ate lunch, put away groceries, and sprawled across the bed to read.

If I am a sucker for magazines, I’m an even bigger sucker for Thanksgiving magazines. I love the color palette, I love the recipes, I love the table settings – oh, it goes on and on. Look at the picture above – see those different pictures? Those are pictures of ten different ways to use a stuffing base to make ten different flavors of stuffing – ten different kinds of stuffing!

Now, clearly, I will not be making all ten different ways on Thanksgiving itself. But I learned a while back that it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving (or November, or fall, for that matter) to cook up a turkey breast with stuffing and have it be delicious (and a bit comforting).

Each year in November, I sit down and begin planning our Thanksgiving menu. I gather ’round me my old stand-by recipes (like Mom’s cranberries or a couple of different favorite turkey recipes) and a legal pad (plenty of room for shopping lists, then, too), and I write the menu. And so now I have another Thanksgiving grouping of recipes to add to my arsenal.

And somehow, reading the magazine today just helped.

Peace be upon your evening,



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