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A Piece of Wednesday, 13 October 2010…

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 October 2010





That, my friends, is a big, pink, T-post setter. I used it today to…well…set a T-post. It looks like such a pleasant device, doesn’t it? Yeah – really pleasant until you pick the thing up and try to maneuver it over the top of a T-post which is as tall as your own shoulder. I’m sure it was funny to watch.

Why, you say, am I doing such things?

Frequent readers may remember that we recently had some landscaping put in. One of our new cypress trees (think: tall and skinny) promptly began to lean…lean…lean over, until it rested gracefully upon the fence. Not a good look for a tree which is supposed to tower over the landscape (not a good look for any tree, I guess).

So, the first line of attack was a smaller T-post with a bunch of that stretchy green tape. Problem: the stretchy green tape stretched, and the tree returned to its reclining position within a day. I almost felt like it was taunting me – “You didn’t think it’d be THAT easy, did you? Silly lady!”

Here’s a brief tangent –

I’m a pretty independent little chickadee. I lived on my own for quite a few years before having the benefit of a husband, and if it’s one thing I learned on my own, it’s – If one way of doing something doesn’t work, either a) decide you don’t care, or b) fix it another way. For my contractor husband, neither approach has really impressed him, and so I’ve had to learn over the past almost-seven years of marriage about Option c), which is: ask your husband what he thinks. Option c) is especially useful, I’ve found, in matters dealing with things like tools or wire or T-posts because, let’s face it, he uses this stuff all day, every day. And he’s a darn smart guy who knows what he’s doing.

Problem is, oftentimes his answers to my queries involve at least one trip to Lowe’s/Home Depot. Not that I don’t love wandering around Lowe’s/Home Depot with a contractor who often gets a bit…um…sidetracked, but really, maybe I should stay at home a shove a sharp stick in my eye instead.


Back to our project. I decided to try Option c). I asked Hubby S what he thought the best thing to do was. Sure enough, a trip to Home Depot ensued, and we purchased two taller T-poles, some wire (because we don’t have enough of that already?), and a two foot section of garden hose.

In some crazy twist of the space-time continuum, we had to wait about five minutes for the chickie to come to the hose aisle to cut the hose. Then, we had to wait another few minutes while she dug around to find the tool to cut the hose. As she was cutting it, Hubby S was mentioning to me about how we could cut it in half so we could use one section for another leaning tree, if needed. When she heard this, she asked us if we wanted her to cut the hose in half. Hubby S responded that he had a tool at home (indicating by pointing that it was the same tool she had in her hand) and could cut it later, but thanks.

I stood there thinking to myself, “So, if the tool for cutting the hose is readily available – like, can be purchased two aisles down – then why the heck did we have to stand here, waiting for the chickie to come cut it for us?” Ah, well. Home Depot has its reasons.

The reason revealed itself when we checked out. Apparently, chickie-with-the-not-special-hose-cutter was supposed to give us a slip of paper with a cost-per-foot indicated on it, and she didn’t. Getting this information involved a call from the checker to the chickie (I think it was all of 89 cents a foot) and soon, we were merrily on our way.

The other day, Hubby S called and asked if I wanted to borrow his boss’ T-post setter. I had no idea if I did – to be honest, it sounded like something which would be a pain to deal with. In a later conversation (after he went ahead and brought the thing home), I told him I’d just use his copper mallet. He looked dubious.

Last night, I was in our bedroom having a nice phone conversation with my father-in-law, when Hubby S appeared with a T-post and the T-post setter. He began to show me how the setter worked while I explained to my FIL that, apparently, my husband thinks I’m stupid. My FIL wisely stayed out of that discussion. 🙂

OK – I’ll be honest. Because I was on the phone, I wasn’t paying 100% attention to Hubby S’s demonstration. But one phrase he used stuck with me: “Let the setter do the work for you.”

So, today, I decided to attack the tree. Out I went with the T-post and the copper mallet. Yeah – this combination barely dented the mulch.


OK – fine. I’ll use the stupid T-post setter.

Back to the garage. Perform a maneuver around my car to retrieve the setter which would make my chiropractor shriek. Carry heavy thing through house. Grab T-post. Balance T-post on shoulder whilst trying to heave-ho the setter over the top. Wonder, briefly, if I should be doing this in sandals. On third heave-ho, miraculously get the setter over the T-post. Remember phrase about letting it do the work. Decide to try Hubby S’s advice.


The T-post began to go in. “Huh,” I thought.


And – I was done! Just like that.

Went back out to the garage. Hubby S had left me all sorts of things to help me complete the job. The wire? On a big, fancy reel. Wire cutters? Check. Hose cutting tool? Check. I cut the hose, cut the wire, put the hose over the wire, put the hose and wire around the tree trunk, twisted it off around the T-post, and – voila! – a cypress tree, standing proudly.

And I can now check that off my To-Do list. And – OK, OK – I’ll use Option c) more regularly, too.

Peace be upon your day!


PS – How thrilling it is to see the Chilean miners rescued. They are true inspiration for perseverance and hope. May God be with them all.


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