A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Wednesday, 6 October 2010…(the Saturday edition)

Posted on: Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Same mug, different story...

My very first post on this blog was about this mug. This week, however, I’ve been nursing from this mug and others, not with blissful Saturday-morning joy, but with a stuffy head and sore throat. It all began the other morning when we left a couple of windows cracked open overnight. Well, the mold count got high that night, and so when I awakened, I was thoroughly congested.

I love Central Texas. Specifically, I love Austin. I’ve lived here a fair amount of my life now, but for one week every spring and one week every fall (approximately), the allergens here overwhelm me and I feel like death warmed over. Like, barely warmed over. Maybe even death before it gets put into the microwave.

So, the time has come, I’ve decided, to get in touch with an allergy doctor and see what we can do. I have some food allergies which I want checked anyway, and these environmental allergies have gotten just bad enough that I’m ready to ask a professional what’s best for me.

And I’m not the only one. I just googled “allergy capital of the world” and guess what came up as the first hit? An article written by an allergist located in…Austin! I know there are others of you who are dealing with the same junk I am – and, in fact, dealing with much worse. Rest assured that I will think of you as I blow my nose or when I sneeze. And may we all find relief soon!

Peace be upon your day…



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