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A Piece of Sunday, 3 October 2010…

Posted on: Sunday, 3 October 2010


Roses just for me!

So, during this week’s post about alarm clocks, I mentioned that the clock’s wrong time setting was the second reminder that sometimes no good deed goes unpunished. Here’s the scoop on that:

After my wisdom teeth were pulled about 10 days ago, I didn’t get on the computer for several days. I updated Facebook and read emails on my phone, and didn’t think much of it…until Monday, that is, when I began to see reminders left on both my iGoogle page and my Google calendar that Tuesday was the birthday of one of Hubby S’s grandmothers.

“Aha!” I thought on Monday evening, knowing that we live in a world which allows me to get on a website like Proflowers and order next-day delivery within about five minutes, especially easy with people to whom we’ve sent flowers before, because their names and addresses are saved for me. Yay! I  helpfully hollered something across the house to Hubby S (breaking my own no-hollering rule) – something helpful, like, “I’m ordering flowers for Grammie’s birthday tomorrow!”

So, at about 9pm on Monday evening, I ordered flowers for Hubby’s grandmother, to be delivered the next day to his grandparents’ home in Massachusetts.

“Whew!” thought I.

A little while later, Hubby S came into the bedroom, where I was ensconced with the laptop, the dog, and a blanket and pillows. He flopped onto the bed and I quietly mentioned that I had ordered irises for Grammie and they would be delivered the next day. He looked puzzled. “Wait – Grammie? Are you sure tomorrow’s her birthday?”


Quickly, I checked my iGoogle birthday reminder – and gasped in horror. I had mis-entered the information, so that it had Grammie’s first name, but Steve’s other grandmother’s last name. “Oh my gosh – WHICH IS IT???” I began to shriek. Now thoroughly confused by both the wrong name on the computer and his wife’s shrieking, Hubby S didn’t know what to say for sure.

(Now, for the sake of your eyes, I apologize for the all caps. But rest assured that the following was shrieked loudly:)

Me: “OH MY GOSH! HAND ME THE PHONE! HAND ME THE PHONE!” (As I logged into my Proflowers account to find the order and see if it could be changed – it couldn’t.)

Hubby S dutifully handed me the phone. I called. A lovely man named Matthew answered (please bear in mind that by now, it was about 10pm CDT). Trying not to a) cry and b) panic, I quickly explained that I had ordered flowers for the wrong grandmother, and was there any way to cancel the Massachusetts order and have them sent to Louisiana instead? I told Matthew that if it took him going and sitting on the delivery guy’s head in Massachusetts so the flowers wouldn’t be delivered, I would gladly take that as an option.

Seeing a more reasonable path, Matthew calmly changed the order to Steve’s other grandmother (“Grandma”) and didn’t laugh too much at me. He did suggest that I call back in the morning to make sure that Fedex had been notified of the change, which I agreed to do. He also made sure that I wouldn’t be charged twice, which, in my mind at that moment, was really the least of my worries. Thanking him profusely, I hung up the phone, ready to rest securely in the knowledge that flowers were going to Grandma in Louisiana. Disaster averted.

Then, I had a thought.

“You know,” I said to Hubby S (who remained markedly calm throughout this whole event), “I should double check that calendar book I have everyone’s birthdays in.” As I got up to go retrieve this book, Hubby S said, “I don’t want to hear what the shrieking will sound like if it turns out you were right the first time.”

“Surely not,” I thought, as I walked across the house to the office for the book.

Finding the book, I quickly flipped to September, my heart beginning to race. I got to the right page, scanned the page, and there, on the 28th, was listed Grammie’s name.

“OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!” (Insert other incoherent shrieks here)

I ran back to the bedroom with a look of horror again on my face. “HAND ME THE PHONE! HAND ME THE PHONE! I HAVE TO CALL THEM BACK!”

Please bear in mind that I had just gotten off the phone with the lovely Matthew about three minutes earlier.

I called back and got a lovely woman named (quite providentially, I think) the same name as my mother, Diane. Immediately launching into self-deprecation mode, I explained to Diane that I had a) ordered flowers, b) changed the order to the other grandmother, and c) discovered that I was right the first time. Now, could we please-pretty-please change the order one more time so the flowers would be sent to the original recipient? (Insert permission to laugh here.)

Diane graciously indicated that “things like this happen to all of us” (“They DO?” I thought) and she deftly began typing things, then putting me on hold for a few minutes. While I sat on hold (listening to the lovely Bach which they played specifically to calm people like me down, I’m pretty sure), I told Hubby S that she probably had her phone muted so she could get all the laughing out of her system before she got back on the phone with me. Whether that is true or not, I’ll never know, and it doesn’t matter, because she had worked out everything so, again, the delivery would go to Massachusetts and not Louisiana, and, again, I would not be double-charged.

More profuse thank-yous.

I collapsed when I got off the phone. But my heart was still racing, and it took me a good hour to calm down after all this ruckus and relax enough to sleep. During this period, I also sent an email to Proflowers’ corporate someone-or-other, thanking them for the excellent customer service.

The next day, we received a lovely phone call from Grammie, thanking us for the flowers.

“Thank GOD,” I thought.

Several days after that, I was grocery shopping with a friend. At this particular store, their floral section is right up by the registers. I purposely walked over, saw these beautiful roses, and purchased some for myself, a) because I could, and b) because I figured – you know what? After all that hubbub, I deserve it! 🙂

Peace be upon your evening,



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