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A Piece of Friday, 1 October 2010…

Posted on: Friday, 1 October 2010

Mr. Snuggles

OK, I’ll make a confession – this picture was not taken today – it was taken in 2009. It’s one of my favorites, and since I’d already tortured Max tonight by trying to get his picture with a friend of ours, I decided to spare him the ordeal and use an old picture.

Max is a miniature schnauzer. People who have had experience with mini schnauzers who then meet Max consistently tell me that he’s calmer and quieter than the other schnauzers they’ve met…maybe my introverted tendencies have worn off on him over the years – who knows? Even tonight, one of his favorite “aunties” was here and he snuggled right up next to her, and as she was leaving, she again told him how well-behaved he is.

He is…usually.

This morning, Hubby S’s alarm went off (at the correct time – yay!), and I heard him head out to soak in the hot tub at about 6:30. As soon as he opened the hot tub cover, he was greeted by a cacophony of barking from our neighbor’s little poodle – quite startling on a quiet, dark morning! And, since our bedroom is on that side of the house, our “well-behaved” schnauzer heard the poodle and began barking back. Soon, more poodles joined in and Max’s barking became more insistent.

Even though I was still trying to sleep, all I could do at that moment is listen to the dogsong going on around me and laugh.

Laughter is not always our response to the dogs who bark all around us. We have lots of irresponsible dog owners who live nearby – we share a fence with one of them (not the poodle owner). We are almost constantly bombarded by the sounds of barking or howling dogs, left to their own devices by their owners. I don’t understand it at all, because we monitor Max when he’s outside, and if he makes a peep, we’re out there to correct him.

I’ve thought about moving, of course, but the thing is, when we bought this house five years ago, we bought into a neighborhood, too. We picked out our lot before almost anyone else did, and we could see that we were going to be surrounded by lots of other people and their homes, yards, and animals. This house is our first house, and we have definitely made it into our home, and it seems that our home sometimes requires us to be patient with others’ quirks and quibbling – realizing that sometimes, our idea of what is just and right doesn’t match up with our experiences with our neighbors.

Really, that’s just life, I think.

And so, we are sometimes awakened by dogsong early in the morning, even that of a well-behaved schnauzer.

Peace be upon your night,



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