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A Piece of Thursday, 30 September 2010…

Posted on: Thursday, 30 September 2010



Yesterday, I did some rearranging of a few things in our bedroom. I bought a new lamp for Hubby S’s nightstand, for one, and I am using the older lamp in another space in the house. I also switched our alarm clocks – he now has the older one and I have the newer one. Why, you are wondering?

For Hubby S’s birthday (in April), I got him one of those fancy-schmancy alarm clocks which will play the radio, his iPod, and a variety of nature sounds.

Problem was, it was too fancy – too many buttons, too many functions, too much margin for error when he reached over at 5:50am each morning to hit the snooze button. Also, annoyingly, the dimmest setting of the clock (other than making it dark) was still bright enough that a 747 could easily land at night, using a row of these clocks on a runway. So, that fancy-schmancy clock (which fortunately didn’t cost too much) has taken up residence on the dresser, where it sits permanently dimmed, playing nature sounds every night, and our iPods and the radio occasionally.

On to the next!

I then decided to thumb my nose at the alarm clock industry, and so I bought a cheapo $9.99 Timex clock from a grocery store (or drug store?). Take that, fancy features!

Problem was, it has this teensy-tiny little on-off switch on the bottom of one side – and so even though the snooze button is huge and placed well, for Hubby S, turning the alarm off for good took some effort with his big “monkey paw” hands (his own words).

On to the next!

Except, not really the next…

Thumbing my nose yet again at the alarm clock industry, I decided to switch our alarm clocks because, lo and behold, my cheapo clock pictured above (also purchased someplace un-glamorous) has a nice, big snooze button (with “SNOOZE” helpfully printed in large letters on it – ridiculous) and a nice, big, easy to find and use on-off switch on the top. Hooray!

So, here’s the flaw in the plan…

Somehow, in the setting up of this blessed piece of cheap technology, the time got reset, an hour off of the actual time – the time got moved forward an hour. What that means is that when this blessed thing began beeping this morning, it was 4:50am instead of his usual 5:50am. Of course, he didn’t discover this until after he had a) hit the snooze button three times, thereby ensuring I would be awakened, and b) gone out into the other room to begin his day.


I never really got back to sleep. I remember hearing him making tea, which isn’t completely uncommon, but for some reason this morning, it was super irritating to me. Then a little while later, he came into our bedroom to get ready, and when he saw that I was awake, he announced the mistake to me. (No blame for the error has been placed or claimed by either party.)

UGH. No wonder I’m so tired, I thought.

So, this clock became for me the second reminder this week that – sometimes, at least – no good deed goes unpunished (more on the first reminder another day).

Oh well. At least I didn’t have to go out and buy yet another alarm clock. Take that, alarm clock industry!

Peace, and rest, be upon your night,



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