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A Piece of Tuesday, 28 September 2010 (the Wednesday edition)…

Posted on: Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Some things of beauty...

Yesterday, I was watching a cable channel first thing – a channel which faithfully shows “Frasier” re-runs at the same time every morning – and lounging in bed for a bit. I eventually went out to the kitchen to make puppy food for Max and people food (and coffee) for me, leaving the TV off while I prepared these, enjoying the solitude. After I had prepared my food and coffee, I went over to the couch, plunked my feet up on the coffee table, and turned on the TV so I could catch some news while I ate.

The news which greeted me was shocking, indeed…a gunman, at UT, in a library which is familiar to me. The place names being described were familiar – Oh, I know right where that street is, where that building is, etc. And while yesterday’s incident ended seemingly peacefully for all but one young man, I was left thinking of the damage which some will be left to deal with on their own and unseen to many. Some will continue to be frightened, and there are some who are grieving the loss of a family member and friend, and – probably for the good – the media won’t cover these un-sensational aspects of what happened on the UT campus yesterday.

As the morning went on, and the news continued to unfold on my (mostly muted) television yesterday, I began to dive back into my to-do list. I made phone calls and sat on hold. I processed mail and wrote emails and did stuff online. It was all so mundane. And, on the TV, when the all-clear was given at UT, and things quieted down, the media quieted down, too. The networks went to regularly-scheduled programming, and the cable news channels began talking about Hollywood and New York and Washington again. It was all so mundane.

Fed up with mundane, I looked at my list for something else to do. A-ha! Item Four: “Hang shells.” Right there on the list, in between weeding the garden and updating my laptop’s OS to Windows 7, was a creative, fun, pretty thing to do! Hooray!

Hubby S and I had purchased these starfish (OK, not “shells”) at a little shop in Rockport, Massachusetts, while we were up there on vacation over the summer. We had to rush through the shop because our parking meter was about to expire, but we had been looking for something beachy to hang on the walls in our guest bathroom. When I came across these, I knew I had found just the right thing.

When we went to the counter to pay, the gentleman who rang us out began chatting it up with us. Obviously one of these shop owners who appreciates the tourists and the stories and dollars which we bring, he told us about meeting George H.W. Bush (a picture of the two of them was hanging behind the counter). When he saw the scallop shell I was also purchasing for future use at baptisms, he began telling us about the history of the scallop shell as a Christian symbol, which led to me telling him I had just finished seminary and was awaiting ordination, which led to him beaming and giving us a couple of smaller shells “for good luck.” All of this chatter led to Hubby S and I simultaneously dragging the other out the door – “We HAVE to get to our car and the parking meter!”

The funny thing is, I didn’t expect to like Rockport that much. We had been there briefly before, had been unable to find a place to park, and had left, which had left me with a bad impression of the place. So, on this day last summer, when we needed something to do for just a few hours, Rockport made it back into the discussion, and I acquiesced. As we walked around that day, as we ate lunch in a wonderful restaurant, and as we ran back to the car, I kept telling Steve how much I really loved Rockport after all.

So, as I dove into the project yesterday of hanging these starfish on the wall, I was taken back in my mind to the events of that day in Rockport – gorgeous weather, not-too-crowded streets, beautiful shops, delicious food, and friendly shopkeepers. As I arranged the starfish on the wall in what I hoped was a semi-artistic manner, I was fighting to get holes in the backs of some of them – it was almost as if they weren’t created to hang on a wall (hmmmm…)! But when I was done, I was left with a beautiful collection of items from the sea (one of my favorite places), and, after five years of living in this house, I finally had something hanging on this wall in the guest bathroom.

(Plus, I got to cross Item Four off my list!)

Peace – and beauty – be upon your day!



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