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A Piece of Monday, 20 September 2010…

Posted on: Monday, 20 September 2010


Harbinger of fall!

I let Max out earlier this morning and when I looked out at one point, I noticed blooms on this formerly scraggly plant! To me, one of the joys of having a garden is watching it change through the seasons. Since this will be the first round of seasons with all our new plantings, I’m trying to observe as much as I can about the changes which our plants are undergoing.

The landscape design plat told me that this is a fall aster. Imagine my joy at seeing the word “fall” in the name of this plant, and seeing it blooming now. Here in Central Texas, the temps are still running into the 90’s during the day – not very fall-like. But our mornings and evenings are feeling cooler all the time – always a great sign that soon, the cold fronts will begin plunging further and further south, until, one day, I will leave the house wearing short sleeves and regret it a few hours later.

I love fall. It truly is my favorite season because, to me, it’s a time of refreshment. Some love spring for the same reason – spring ends what for some is a long winter, but for me, fall ends what is a long summer. Fall is a time when I love being outside, drinking in the cooler air. I love the cooler breezes and the crisp skies.

And so, fall aster, it’s good to see you blooming. You’ve looked pretty scraggly all summer, but I’m glad I stuck it out with you because today, you are beautiful in your blooming.

Peace be upon your day!



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