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A Piece of Sunday, 19 September 2010…

Posted on: Sunday, 19 September 2010


Wood working

Yes, this is a mess. This is currently what our garage looks like. Hubby S was the recipient of a large log from a tree which fell on a house which his crew had worked on, so he is breaking down the log this weekend into usable planks. This task involves all sorts of different tools – power and not. Yesterday, I walked out into the garage and he was splitting the log the old-fashioned way – by hitting a wedge. What struck me was the simple nature of the task he was performing – he could’ve been out in the woods somewhere, splitting a log for a fire.

Anyone who has ever lived with a wood worker knows that few of the tasks are quiet ones. Many wood working tasks are noisy ones – some very noisy. Our house is such that this noise takes place right on the other side of a shared wall with our bedroom.

Yesterday, I was taking a nap in our bedroom while Steve was working in the garage. I thought about crashing in the quieter guest room, but for some reason, yesterday, I wanted to hear the noise. I wanted to hear the work he was doing. As I reflected on this, I decided that it was because hearing his work reminds me of other men in my life who have done wood working – my maternal grandfather, my father, and my stepfather.

Out of those three men, Hubby S has only met the latter. I have thought about this before – that, while he’s met a lot of my family, he never got to meet either of my grandfathers (they died in 1984 and 1998) or my father (who died in 1977). But the cool thing about Hubby S’s hobby is that, to me, it connects him to one of my grandfathers and my dad, too. It is a shared interest, across many years, and without any of them really knowing it.

I’m grateful, then, for this wood working which Hubby S does. It’s noisy (even as I type this) and messy (he always cleans it up), but it’s something which he enjoys so much, and that’s just fun to watch.

Peace – and something you enjoy – be upon your day!



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