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A Piece of Wednesday, 15 September 2010…

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 September 2010

imageIt is what it is.

I grew up surrounded by little plaques and wall hangings with this saying on them: “Bloom where you are planted.” On my recent trip to Florida to visit my family, I came across one of these and was thus reminded of this little bit of wisdom from my childhood – wisdom which seems to ring true this year as I await a call to ministry in a parish.

I am trying to bloom where I am planted, but really, the blooming process isn’t entirely up to me – but honestly, it isn’t entirely not up to me either. Let me explain.

Even in times when blooming doesn’t seem like the obvious thing to do, God can still bring it about. I know this to be true because I see it happening. I am serving. I am learning. I am growing and being stretched. However, I also know that there are things which I can and must do in order to help the blooming along.

One of the things I decided to do during this particular blooming season is to discipline myself to write every day. The idea really came about after I had re-watched the movie “Julie and Julia.” A scene which particularly struck me is when the main character, Julie, is trying to explain to her nay-saying mother why she’s taking on writing a blog, especially one which will require her to cook French food daily. She tells her mom that it’s a regimen – basically, something to help her focus.

That’s kinda what this is for me. I’ve really never done so much consistent writing in all my life, but I keep telling people I want to write, so – guess what, honey – in order to write, you have to…write.  It is in this writing (as well as in other things) in which I am trying to bloom. I’ve now been asked to be a contributing writer to another blog, an exciting ministry which I know will challenge me to think in new ways. During this season, I’m also taking a page from my self-employed and stay-at-home parent friends who have to exercise huge amounts of self-discipline in order to get their tasks done each day – and – WOW! – what a lesson that is for me! I’m learning anew the value of setting my own deadlines, organizing my own schedule, and figuring out balance in each day.

The lessons are good. The work – such as it is – is good. And I know that out of this blooming season, some fruit will grow.

Peace – and blooming – be upon your day!



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