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A Piece of Monday, 13 September 2010…

Posted on: Monday, 13 September 2010


New neighbors...

“What’s that?” you say? “New neighbors? Funny, it looks like a couple of lights to me!”

Well, that’s because I didn’t want to be the weirdo lady obviously taking pictures of her new neighbors as they unloaded their moving van in the darkened evening. (“Mommy, why’s that weirdo lady taking our picture through the blinds of her front window???”)

A bit of history…

Hubby S and I live on a small cul-de-sac…there are seven houses. Out of seven houses, we are the ones who have now lived here the longest – in fact, we are the only ones left who built our house, making us the only original owners left on the street. We’ve seen lots of folks come and go, particularly in one house next to us, which has been a rental home now for a couple of years.

The last renters who lived there…sigh.

They had a brood. A brood which was noisy,  not monitored often enough by adult influence, and left to their own devices much too often. A brood which liked to take our landscaping rocks and scatter them all over the cul-de-sac on multiple occasions, but only apologize and help clean up once. A brood which knocked over our Christmas decorations, yelled horrible things to one another, drew on one of our cars in pink crayon, broke into their neighbors’ parked cars, used car horns instead of door bells, etc.

When they moved out, we were out of town. One of the friends house-sitting for us texted me on that joyous day to give me the joyous news that they were finally gone. That was at the beginning of July. There were a few contractors in and out, repairing the damage done to the house by this family, but the house has been vacant ever since.

It has been, in a word, glorious. In another word, quiet.

I really don’t like feeling so happy about people moving away, but I was weary of wondering what damage would be done to our property next, and weary of the screaming and the car horns.

And so, it has been a relief to have an empty house next door. At first, there was a for sale sign out front. We rejoiced, because it has been our experience in this neighborhood that the home owners are better neighbors than the renters. The for sale sign went away, but the listing remained (thank you, internet!). Then, the listing was gone. We’ve been holding our breath ever since our realtor told us that the house had been leased again.


So, tonight, our new neighbors arrived. Another large family. I watched them unload the truck for a few minutes and there was a certain amount of moving-day ruckus and yelling, but I rejoiced – a bit – to hear someone shushing the louder children. I guess we’ll chalk this one up to cautious optimism.

I will say that I am going to try to be neighborly – again. I refuse to let one experience with one family taint my experience with every other neighbor family for the rest of our lives. I hope we can go beyond being neighborly and even be friendly. We’ll see.

Peace be upon your night,



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