A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Sunday, 29 August 2010…

Posted on: Sunday, 29 August 2010


And here I sit. I didn’t do a good job of setting up my flights to NC. My measure of this is based on the fact that my layover is about as long as the second leg of my trip will be. When I set up this flight, I wasn’t paying attention to the piffery of how long my layover would be…silly!

So here I sit.

I’ve spent time putzing around the terminal…how many bottles of water are purchased only because the purchaser is bored, anyway?

I’ve spent time checking Facebook (thank you, smart phone inventors)…many of my FB friends are at church, so it’s a slow morning on FB. Yawn.

I’ve spent a bit of time catching up on some blog reading on my Kindle…oh, and I bought a book on there, too, for the second flight.

And – the quintessential airport activity – I’ve spent some time people-watching. This gate was filled with people when I got here – people who are now winging their way to Puerto Vallarta. LOTS of fun people watching with that group! Lots of gesticulating and speaking of Spanish by some; lots of parents wrangling children (“just chill out” said one parent to her whiney child); lots of people with a look on their face which says, “can I just get to the beach already?”

Airports are funny places if you have the time to observe. The cart drivers here are also entertainers, yelling out to each other and pedestrians as they move along. Airports are interesting places, too. As I was entering security at Austin, a young couple was hugging. The woman, the passenger, was crying as they said good-bye. Sigh. Been there. Done that.

I do less people watching than I used to because now I have neat electronic distractions. But as I’ve taken time to watch and listen to those around me today, I’ve been reminded that when we people-watch, we also people-learn…it is a study of human nature. For me, it makes me more aware of The Other – more aware of their needs, perhaps, or their joys or sorrows. And it brings home to me the needs and joys and sorrows of humanity in general.

Peace be upon your day!


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