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A Piece of Saturday, 28 August 2010…

Posted on: Saturday, 28 August 2010


On the road again...(ok, the friendly skies...)

So, some of you more faithful readers (or Facebook friends) will remember that just over a week ago, I got home from visiting my grandmother in Florida. Well, I didn’t even bother putting my suitcase away because I knew that I’d be back on a plane in just over a week. Tomorrow morning, I am heading to North Carolina to see my best friend and her family; they have just moved into another home (long story) and so the timing of my trip will hopefully mean that I can be of some use to them as they settle in.

I had a little meltdown today. I realized once again – and today, with many tears – that I am feeling useless right now. This sabbatical time (as I am gracefully calling it) is a blessing, but I am just not used to being non-employed at something. This time is a gift, but I did not go to seminary to learn how to be on sabbatical – I went to seminary to learn about being in ministry.

So, here’s where my brain goes next…

I did learn about being in ministry, but part of ministry is taking time off and renewing. OK, got that lesson going on now for sure.

Part of ministry is patience. OK, got that one, too – CHECK!

Part of ministry is realizing that even when you see absolutely no fruit being borne out of your efforts, that the seeds which have been planted are somehow growing – even beneath the surface. OK. Got it.

The last point is especially poignant. During my meltdown today, I cried out to Hubby S that nothing I’m doing is bearing fruit right now. It was quite the sentence to say out loud! It occurred to me later, though, that, while I may feel that way, it really is a bunch of hooie. Fruit takes time – and this is the growing period.

So, what does all this have to do with my suitcase? Well, I can’t imagine another time in my life (except maybe retirement) when I will be able to take two different weeks within the same month to fly off and spend time with and help those who are dear to me. Part of ministry – and part of my ministry right now – is the ministry of presence – being there.

OK, got that one, too.

Peace be upon your day and your night,



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