A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Thursday, 26 August 2010…

Posted on: Thursday, 26 August 2010


I had a bit of time before my next engagement, so I stopped for a late lunch and a touch of window shopping. When I returned to my car, I had this winner parked next to me – of course on my driver’s side.

So, after a major feat of contortionism – and smushing – I was able to get into my car via my driver’s side door AND I managed to do so without doing damage to their car.

Not that it wasn’t tempting. Believe me, it was…and really, still is because as I write this, I’m sitting in my front seat with the offending vehicle right there. Part of me would like nothing more than to slam open my door and leave a big dent in theirs.

(By the by, the whole side of their car has gashes and scrapes on it, which leads me to think this isn’t their first ride at the Crappy Parking Job Rodeo…?)

However, I have been the recipient of such a gash on a car door before, and through no fault of my own. Whoever got me dug through the paint, so the gash eventually began to rust and look really ugly. I remember how angry I was at that damage.

So, the better angels of my mercy are going to prevail here, because I don’t think that retaliation here is really a good Christian option. The easy thing to do is to retaliate – the harder thing is to drive away peacefully – but sometimes we are truly called to the harder things.

Peace be upon your day…


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