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A Piece of Wednesday, 25 August 2010…

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 August 2010


View from my chair...

One of the lovely features of the home we live in is a sitting room area which is off of our master bedroom. It took some time for this room to evolve into an actual sitting area (you know, with chairs and stuff). Over time, and as we have added more furniture, the room has become a place where I am inspired to think and to write.

Today, from my chair, I took a picture of the window in the room with the beautiful Drake elm outside our bedroom. More on that in a minute.

What isn’t pictured is the bookshelf immediately to my right with most of my sermon-prep books located within arm’s reach, or the silver crucifix I rub when I’m working out a homiletics problem. You also can’t see the other chair in the room, most often occupied by a blanket and a schnauzer, or the beautiful artwork we purchased at a gallery in Houston, or the wooden carved praying woman figure which used to hang in my grandparents’ home…and the list goes on of the personal “treasures” which I have in this room.

The view of the tree, however, is one of the most precious parts of this room for me. Here is the story…

Hubby S and I bought this, our first house, in August of 2005, after much anxiety (he was laid off – and began a new job – about three weeks before closing…agh!). The time of celebration was marked with sorrow when my mom died five weeks later. It was such a strange and powerful time of beginnings and endings.

I was working at a church at the time, a community which surrounded us with love and care during all these beginnings and endings. They helped us move from our apartment on the afternoon we finally closed on the house. They helped us unpack and gave us housewarming gifts. This tree was one of those gifts.

There was a group which met regularly for Bible study and fellowship, and, after Mom died, they took up a collection to buy us a new tree for our new home. This tree was meant as a gift in Mom’s memory, and it was planted about six or so weeks following her death. In the almost five years since, it has grown and flourished and now offers shade for us and protection for birds. The lacy canopy sways whenever it is windy, and the lightweight branches droop whenever it rains. Mostly, though, the tree is a reminder to me of people who love me, and a symbol of the caring generosity of friends.

I love sitting in my chair and writing and reading. I also love that I can lift my eyes just a bit and see the branches of the elm dancing. And there is beauty and joy in their dance.

Peace be upon your day,



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