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A (Big Ole Honkin’) Piece of Monday, 23 August 2010…

Posted on: Monday, 23 August 2010


That's 2 and 3/8 inches of mango wood, baby!

Hubby S and I were out to dinner the other evening, seated near a row of windows at one of our favorite sushi places. I spent much of the meal admiring some furniture which was beautifully displayed in the windows of a store across the street. I checked the store hours, and we had a few minutes to run through the store before they closed. We quickly determined that we wanted to come back the next day to take a closer look at some things.

So, fast forward to Sunday…

We often head over to this shopping area for post-church brunch, so we headed to the furniture store and found LOTS of stuff we liked. However, self control won the day, as there were plenty of things we needed to measure for before we purchased (go us!). But we did settle on a beautiful coffee table.

The photo above shows the thickness of the top. Yes, I measured it, and yes, it is over two inches thick. And it’s made of mango wood. Mango trees, in addition to providing us with a fruit which makes divine margaritas, apparently also provide us with very hard and solid wood. And so this table is frickin’ heavy!

I went to pick it up this afternoon from the warehouse (a mere three miles or so from our house – no thanks on the $85 delivery fee), taking Hubby S’s SUV. Thank God there were two nice strong men to load the beloved thing into the back of the vehicle! (And boy howdy, did that vehicle drive differently after the table was loaded!)

I got home, and the table sat in the back of the SUV, and so I was waiting…waiting…waiting…for Hubby S to come home so we could unload it. He finally got home and as we tried to pull it out of the SUV, I quickly determined that for me anyway, it wasn’t gonna happen. (AGH!)

Here’s a little tangent:

In some neighborhoods (like where Hubby S grew up), this type of challenge would be not problem – just run across the street and ask so-and-so to help. But we live in a neighborhood in which we don’t know all of our neighbors very well. Sure, we chat with folks here and there, but overall, we’re not all very social with each other.

So, here we were, in a bit of a bind, and so I told Hubby S to run across to a neighbor for whom he had done some electrical work for trade recently. It was a bit of a big favor to ask, but desperation drives us to do things like ask big favors. Sure enough, the neighbor got on his shoes and came over quickly, and with a big smile on his face, ready and happy to help. (Maybe less happy once they actually started carrying the table…?)

They got the table in and unwrapped, and immediately, the neighbor (who is a wood worker) began admiring the wood of the table. On his way out, he admired an antique organ which has been in my family for several generations. It dawned on Hubby S and I simultaneously that this neighbor had never been in our home before! Again, we wave hello and chat now and then…but……….sigh.

Overall, this was a humbling realization for me, and it makes me once again ponder ideas for how we can get to know these folks who live around us. We won’t hit it off with everyone (let’s be real), but we can be the ones to reach out and offer hospitality and see what happens…can’t we?


Peace be upon your night and day!



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