A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Sunday, 22 August 2010…

Posted on: Sunday, 22 August 2010


By the back door...

I’m home! I’m home!

And one of the reminders of this was being awakened by Max this morning  – a morning which did not require us to get up very early – at some time before 7am. First, he stood up and flopped his ears. Then, he came and plopped his little heater-dog body right next to mine, which he somehow knows is a sure-fire way to get me up-and-at-’em on a summer morning. (I think I could have the A.C. cranked down to 54 degrees, and if he laid next right to me, I’d still overheat…)

So, foggy-brained, I rolled over, put on my slippers, said “Come on!” to him, and followed slowly as he bolted out of the room, down the hall, and to the back door. OK, dog – out you go.

Usually, while he’s out there on his morning constitutional, I do a few things in the kitchen. I keep an ear out for doggie chaos which sometimes erupts and disrupts the morning quiet if any of the neighbor dogs are out. I keep an eye out for him at the back door, and when his little hopeful face appears, I let him in.

This morning, as on many other mornings, the paws were wet (thank you, irrigation system). Hence the basket of old towels which I keep handy by our back door.

Max and I have a paw-drying routine. He comes in, shakes some of the dampness onto the back of our new, custom-upholstered couch, while I say to him, “Max, come here.” He comes eventually, sits on the rug, and politely holds up one paw for me to dry. (I trained him to sit for this early on after I got tired of chasing a little four-legged creature around with a towel!)

Sometimes the coming over to the rug part takes a bit, and my frustration level rises. It is on these mornings, the mornings upon which I am the most frustrated, upon which Max lifts up his little snout up under my chin while I am bent over, drying his paws, and begins to snarfle at me until I am snarfling right back. (A snarfle is a little noise which dogs make – I think it’s because they’re sniffing something, but I also like to think it’s an endearment thing…)

As I was drying off paw #2 this morning, I decided that, in spite of my sleepiness most mornings when all this is going on, this quiet moment is one of my favorite moments each day. There is a predictability to it all which makes me feel at home.

So, yes, I’m home, and grateful to be home with my boys. 🙂

Peace be upon your day and your night,


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