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A Piece of Monday, 16 August 2010…the Tuesday edition

Posted on: Monday, 16 August 2010



Who knew that one could write so many blog posts about kleenex boxes within the span of a couple of weeks?! Yet, here again is a photo of a kleenex box.

This kleenex is in my aunt, uncle, and grandmother’s house in Florida. I am visiting my grandmother this week while my aunt and uncle do some traveling. Granny’s a very healthy 95 years old, and while she still gets around just fine, I knew she would appreciate some company while my aunt and uncle are away. Besides, I’m not employed currently, and I have all this time, so why not spend some good time with her while I can?!

OK – back to the kleenex box. You see how prettily the top tissue is folded? It’s like a pretty little fan sticking out of the top of the box. This is one of the little delights which greeted me when I arrived late last evening. I had just had a long afternoon and evening of travel, followed by a long and dark drive to get to their home. I had been fighting off a headache all day, plus a bit of tummy upset. By the time I got here, I was completely wiped out.

Granny had held dinner for me – her delicious potato soup which is such comfort food for me – and then she set me up in the master suite so I could have my own bathroom and a nice big bed. After we said our good-nights and I shut the door to get ready for bed, I noticed this kleenex box and the one in the bathroom, both with the top tissue meticulously folded. (The toilet paper was folded into a point, too, which is another touch I love as a hotel guest, but always forget to do in my own home!)

Seeing these simple touches reminded me of how much it means to Granny to have visitors, and how much she loves to care for her family. These little thoughtful gestures made me feel so welcomed, so embraced, and so cared for, especially after a long day.

It seems that lately I’ve been thinking more about hospitality and the different ways I encounter it (or a lack of it) in my life. I consider myself fortunate to come from a family which holds hospitality in the highest regard, and I hope it spills over into our home and how we welcome people into it.

But I also hope that when I am a pastor some day, it will spill into that realm, as well. One thing I have learned and thought about more lately is that there is a different between being tolerant of others, and being hospitable to them. Maybe this doesn’t mean that we go around fanning the tissues in boxes, but maybe we as Christians can begin to think about ways in which the visitors to our churches can feel welcomed – but not just welcomed – embraced – but not just embraced – but cared for.

Churches began in homes, so how beautiful to think about taking some of our own home-grown hospitality into our congregations as we relate to others. Who knows – we might just be able to welcome in the person who has journeyed far and long to end up on our doorstep, and offer them strength and nourishment to carry on.

Peace be upon your day and your night!



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