A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Friday, 13 August 2010…

Posted on: Friday, 13 August 2010


Today, I’ve been unplugged – literally. This photo shows the plug on my laptop and it has laid there, on the floor, all day long. I’m even typing this entry on my new-ish Droid phone, using the WordPress app.

Now, it is a rare day upon which I am not on the computer at least once. But today, for whatever reason, I just wasn’t feeling it – at all.

And I gotta say, it’s been nice!

I guess part of the issue is that often, whenever I am on the laptop, I am also doing other things (=multitasking). So today, instead of sitting on Facebook and catching up on “Top Chef” and “Project Runway” (on the dvr), I simply sat, watched, and enjoyed.

So that’s my piece of today – the unplugged version. I imagine I’ll be plugged back in tomorrow…but no promises! 🙂

Peace be upon your day (and night)…


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