A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Wednesday, 11 August 2010…

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Well, it's something...

I know it doesn’t look like anything, but it’s something.

For the first time in I don’t know how long, there are dark clouds in the sky. And colored blobs on the radar. I stepped outside to take a picture of the clouds and, as I did, a few raindrops got me.

It’s not much, but it’s something. In a month which is filled with 100+ degree days (and when many of us are under an excessive heat warning), to have dark clouds in the area is such a relief. Yes, we need the rain. A big, fat, soaking rain would be so lovely right now. Creation would open up and drink in a good, old-fashioned gulley-washer right about now.

Judging from the clouds in the distance and the radar, some areas not too far off are getting that good drink of water. For the rest of us, the weather now is a mix of an extra dose of humidity (ugh) with a few more breezes every so often. A rumble of thunder announces the presence of storms nearby, and I just saw a bolt of lightning which isn’t far.

I have a feeling that today, nature is only teasing me. I’ve learned with this crazy Central Texas weather that it’s best for my sanity if I not get my hopes up. Two years of drought taught me that – two years of watching huge lines of storms heading straight for us, only to fall apart completely once they hit the western edge of Travis County. Two years of watching plants and grass die because we just couldn’t keep enough water on them, and city water doesn’t do the trick as well, anyway.

We’re out of the drought now, but right now, in the thick of August, it feels drought-y again…except today, less so.

If it does rain, I will listen and enjoy.

Peace – and favorable weather – be upon your day,


PS – As I am wrapping this up, a lovely rain has begun to fall. 🙂


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