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A Piece of Sunday, 8 August 2010…

Posted on: Sunday, 8 August 2010


Stuck on you

It’s round about 100 degrees in these parts today, and when it gets this warm, Max enjoys a good ice cube to chomp on. Today, after he chomped on it for a few minutes, I realized he was following me around. I looked, and noticed that he had a little problem with it…it kinda got frozen into his beard.

After a good laugh, I ran to get the camera (which he was not happy about), and as soon as I got this perfect shot, I removed the cube from his beard and he went on his merry way.

Max makes me laugh regularly. It is this on-going joy in having a dog which led me to get a dog at all.

It was November of 1999. I was 26 and living alone in a suburb of Houston. I knew I didn’t want a roommate, but I also knew that having another living creature around the apartment would be good for me, so I decided to start looking for a dog…but which kind?

Answering this question didn’t take long. My stepdad had a schnauzer at the time, a salt-and-pepper mini named Victoria MacScooter. Vicki and I had forged a great relationship – I loved her spunk and her personality; she loved that I quickly learned to give her biscuits. I knew that I wanted a schnauzer, and that somewhere in my schnauzer’s name would be Vicki’s surname – MacScooter. (Say it out loud – “MacScooter” – it’s fun, isn’t it?)

I had a bit of money saved, and so I began to look in the ads of the paper. I found a woman in a nearby suburb advertising that she had two puppies left, so I called her and made the trip over. I had no intentions of taking home a puppy that evening!

She welcomed me inside, and there on the couch were two of the cutest creatures I’ve ever seen in my life. There were two 7-week-old brothers – a salt-and-pepper, and a white. I picked up the salt-and-pepper guy first, and he wriggled and wriggled around in my hands. I picked up the little white guy, and he looked up at me and gave me a kiss on my chin. Sold!

While there, I got to meet the sire, an energetic salt-and-pepper. I asked what his name was, and the owner replied, “Silver Scooter,” and I knew…my little puppy’s name would be “Max” – ergo, Max Scooter.

Now, I wish I could say that every single experience Max brings into our lives is a moment of joy and bliss. Alas, there are mornings when I’m running late and he tracks in mud or poop. There are times he wakes us up in the middle of the night, flopping those wonderful ears of his. Besides being de-balled at 6 months, he’s needed two other major (read: expensive) surgeries, once for bladder stones and once to remove a tumor which was millimeters away from his jugular vein.

However, overall, he’s a great dog with a great attitude on life. I learn from him – mostly about not sweating the small stuff, and about spending time to sniff the wind every so often. And to seek help from someone who loves you when you’ve got an ice cube stuck in your beard.

Peace be upon your day!



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