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A Piece of Saturday, 7 August 2010…

Posted on: Saturday, 7 August 2010

The grass is greener...

This photo is the new sod in our now-infamous Side Yard. Today, as I was outside in the evening hours surveying the scene, I marveled again at how beautiful this side of our house has become in the past month, since the addition of this beautiful, easy-to-maintain Bermuda sod (NOT St. Augustine!).

I’ve had a contemptuous relationship with this side of the house, almost since Day One of us moving in here. It’s on the southwest side of the house, and so in the afternoon, it bakes. Worse, the sun hits the side of our white limestone house, and the light and heat bake it from the other angle. Before we had some work done over here on the fencing (and, later, an irrigation system installed), watering over here was nightmarish and – thank you, fire ants – painful. We lost the original St. Augustine sod within the first year, and a lawn of weeds took over.

When we began planning out the new gardens, the Side Yard was like that problem child which no one in the family wants to address. Work over here to kill off the weeds in preparation for the new sod and planting beds was grueling and frustrating. First, we spread out huge sheets of plastic. Then, after months of staring at a sea of white plastic (and trying to keep Max off of it), we took it up, only to find tough, stubborn, dastardly weeds lurking around the edges. An all-out assault began, using a spray weed killer product which terrified us a bit, but did the job. While the rest of the yard and gardens took on beautiful shape, the Side Yard waited patiently, like the youngest awkward daughter watching her beautiful big sisters get ready for the prom.

The day that this sod was laid was glorious – but in an I-don’t-really-trust-that-this-stuff-will-grow kind of way. Sorry, New Sod, but I’ve seen your kind out here before, and they didn’t cut it. Why should I think you’ll do any better?

And yet, this stuff is holding up great, in spite of being planted in Central Texas, in July. We were granted a few rainy days right after the sod went in, and we’ve been watering it consistently on the dry days. The other morning, I went out and tried to pick up a corner of the sod, and it didn’t release! Those roots are in – dug down into the beautiful top soil which was hauled in, and even down further.

So now, it is a visual relief to have green outside the windows on this side of the house again. What has been desolate is thriving. What was lifeless is growing. And I am grateful to be developing a new relationship with our Side Yard.

Peace be upon your day!


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