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A Piece of Thursday, 5 August 2010…

Posted on: Thursday, 5 August 2010


Pioneering days are here again...

So, this morning, I met a friend for breakfast, ran some errands, and then headed home for a bit. As I neared our street, I noticed the tell-tale signs of new construction on the street which runs behind our house. Sure enough, on one of the two empty lots, they are beginning to build a house.

We bought our house in 2005. We were one of the first homes in a new section of the subdivision, and the second house on our cul-de-sac. I remember very clearly the days when we didn’t see houses outside every window. And then, the houses started to go up literally all around us – one on each side – followed by the rest of our street, and almost the rest of every other street in every direction. We would get up and leave home in the morning, to find that during the day, we’d developed a new neighbor.

The first year we were in this home, then, we were surrounded by construction sites like the one above – and the many sounds which accompany such building: nail guns, guys yelling to each other, large trucks delivering all sorts of things, music blaring, lunch trucks stopping, etc. The noise would begin around 8:00 each morning (earlier if they were pouring cement for the slab) and continue all morning and into the afternoon. There would be a break in the activity during the hottest parts of the day, and then often the activity would resume, continuing into the evening hours. (Something akin to making hay while the sun shines…)

What I was reminded of in those days was reading as a little girl the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family – some of my favorite stories. There is one of her books in which she talks about the town being built around them – and she was as struck by, and challenged by, the sounds of such activity as I am now. There was a pioneering spirit then, as there is now.

Pioneering spirits are difficult. Pioneering spirits pick us up and move us on. Pioneering spirits often encroach on what has been there before, and they often expect change. Pioneering spirits sometimes make us uncomfortable with their new ideas and their new ways of doing things.

However, pioneering spirits have much to offer, as well. Pioneering spirits offer us an injection of new growth. They give us new insights into old problems or issues, and they have vision beyond what we can see. Pioneering spirits give us hope that something beyond us will, in fact, continue on.

I had mixed feelings this morning when I saw this, the beginnings of yet another foundation of yet another house. There has been and will be more noise and more traffic as they work over the next several months. However, maybe this new house is someone’s greatest wish finding fulfillment. Welcome to the neighborhood, Pioneer.

Peace be upon your day,



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