A Piece of My Day

A Piece of Wednesday, 4 August 2010…

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Two of many

OK. I live in Texas. It’s August. And it’s hot. We finally hit that 100-degree mark not too long ago – ugh – and we have officially reached the time of year where I question why I love living here as much as I do.

We recently had some work done in our yard and one of the results is this lovely patch of plants which attract butterflies on a now-daily basis. This particular patch of plants is right outside our back door, and thus, right outside the window behind the desk where I have begun to sit and work on my laptop. (I say “begun” because I recently moved this desk underneath this window.) So, we have all these new gardens and with new gardens come new weeds, new bugs, new mysteries of all sorts. Because of the heat and my disdain for it, I’m not out in the gardens much this month.

One thing I have come to adore about this garden  is the placement of these butterfly plants. I can sit inside and enjoy their dances, their meals, their playing, and their resting – and they do all of this, blissfully unaware of being watched. Every so often a dragonfly will come along – but they don’t tend to linger as the butterflies do.

Here’s what I just realized – I’ve been feeling guilty about not being out in the garden every day, attacking the weeds and other work with full force. But the thing is – I think we’re much more unforgiving about these things for ourselves than nature is. The butterflies certainly prefer certain plants over others, but they don’t really care if they have to hover over a weed or two.

So, perfectly manicured gardens they ain’t – but as long as my little flying friends keep coming and staying a while, I think that’ll be OK with me.

Peace be upon your day,



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